Youth Intensive After-School Mentoring Program


My Personal Statement

It has been a dream of mine to have the opportunity to mentor teenagers. It is a very important time in their lives to pursue their dreams and I am very excited to have created this program, which has been ongoing since 2007. It’s so inspiring to watch these young adults grow so quickly and so eager and receptive to the learning process. The testimonials of the students, parents and teachers have been overwhelmingly positive.

Personal Statement for Leo Neufeld’s Class

This is my second year participating in Leo Neufeld’s class, and I have gained invaluable skills from his instruction. It wasn’t until I had my first session with Leo that I became aware of the importance of drawing from the figure. Being able to translate a three dimensional form onto paper was very much a difficult concept for me to grasp at first, but I soon became more comfortable through Leo’s guidance. To this day, I continue to utilize principles I learned from the class in school assignments and personal projects. The knowledge I gained from Leo’s class continues to transcend beyond the human figure, applying to even my more conceptual work. More than anything, it has installed a new level of confidence that I would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in pursuing a career in the arts, or even just expanding their personal work.

Teo L. Willard
Albuquerque High School

Holocaust Memorial

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