Commission portraits

Leo Neufeld’s passion for capturing the unique qualities of each individual makes him the ideal painter for portrait commissions. On this page are some samples of Leo’s commissions. These examples range from public and corporate portraits to family paintings.


The pricing of a portrait commission is determined by a number of variables, the most important of which is the composition.  The three most common compositions are head and shoulders, three-quarter length, and a full-length portrait.  The dimensions of the painting, the number of subjects, and the complexity of the environment are also factors.  Below is a list of oil portrait commission prices:

  • Head & Shoulders 20″x16″ $4,000
  • Half Figure 30″x24″ $6,000
  • Three-quarter Figure 36″x30″ $8,000
  • Full Length Figure 72″x36″ $12,000

These sizes are suggested but could vary depending on the client’s needs.  Any transportation required would be the clients’ responsibility.


Leo A. Neufeld
(505) 720-1471
Albuquerque, NM

2 thoughts on “Commission portraits

  1. Hi Leo, this is Tim Butler. I got the photo of my family and love to bring it over to you with my wife and talk little bit more about the painting. When will you be in town next? Thanks, Tim

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