Leo A. Neufeld
(505) 720-1471
Albuquerque, NM

11 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Leo! I posed for you waaayyy back in.. 1990? When you were still in Lafayette. I’d love to take one of your drawing classes: is there a recommended experience level? I’m pretty untrained.

  2. Dear Leo, Thanks for sending Paul and I the awesome invite to The First 50 Years! Your Bar Mitzvah photo took me to right back to that joyous day-your incredible party and the pride on your parents faces. Wishing you 120 more years of beautiful art! Thanks again for including us. Fondly, Gilda and Paul

  3. Hi Leo,
    My husband Gadi met you here in PG. I love your work! Would love to paint and/or study with you sometime, either here in California or in NM.

    • Hi Marlene,

      Thank you for your comments. Please call me when you are ready to discuss about painting mentorship. My phone number is in the contact tab.

  4. Hello Leo,
    You did a portrait of my Mother and Father back in the 70’s. They are awesome. I met you at the Art Fair on the Square, Madison, WI. We have it every year. Do you think that you will come this way again. I would love to meet you and thank you again for your great work. I am sure it was the favor of God for me to meet you at that time. question: when framing a portrait, should they be behind glass, or not?

  5. Hi Leo,
    Love your website and your work. We need to keep in touch. I hope you will be able to do the Art Fair Thanksgiving weekend.
    I would love to represent you in this area.

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